Troop Patrols


Senior Patrol Leader/OA Rep. Ben T.* Life
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader/Chaplain Aide Fred S. Life

Junior Assistant Scoutmaster Tyler J. Eagle
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster/OA Rep. Greg M.* Eagle
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster Ieystyn N. Eagle
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster/OA Rep. Bill B.* Eagle
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster Dillon E. Eagle
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster/OA Rep. Sam J.* Eagle
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster Josef L. Eagle
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster Bobby H. Life
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster/OA Rep. Ben S.* Life
Patrol Member/Troop Guide/Leave No Trace Trainer Jacob B. Life
Patrol Member/Troop Guide/Quartermaster Adam D. Life
Patrol Member/Troop Guide Nathan L. Life
Patrol Member/Troop Guide/Quartermaster Max M. Life
Patrol Member/Troop Guide/Assistant Scribe Andrew M. Life
Patrol Member/Instructor Peter J. Life


Patrol Leader Zane B. Life
Assistant Patrol Leader James R. Life
Patrol Member/Librarian Michael Q. Tenderfoot
Patrol Member/Den Chief Jacob K. Tenderfoot
Patrol Member/Den Chief Ryan D. Tenderfoot
Patrol Member Jared H. Tenderfoot
Patrol Member Edward L. Scout
Patrol Member Gavin H. Scout
Patrol Member Trey N. Scout


Patrol Leader Matt O. Star
Assistant Patrol Leader Mark B. 1st Class
Patrol Member/Quartermaster Cooper R. 1st Class
Patrol Member/Den Chief Cooper M. Tenderfoot
Patrol Member Drake P. Tenderfoot
Patrol Member Michael R. Scout
Patrol Member Timothy B. Scout
Patrol Member Anthony J. Scout


Patrol Leader Dallin H. 1st Class
Assistant Patrol Leader Dean K. 1st Class
Patrol Member/Scribe Michael B. 1st Class
Patrol Member/Den Chief Tyler M. 1st Class
Patrol Member Alec H. Tenderfoot
Patrol Member Samuel R. Tenderfoot
Patrol Member Natheniel N. Scout
Patrol Member Griffin S. Scout


 * Denotes Order of the Arrow Member

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